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Why HR departments need to use data for enhanced employee relations

Successful businesses are built upon their workforce, and it’s no secret that a happy workforce is a productive one. With this in mind, departments such as HR are taking a keen interest in managing the wellbeing, productivity and ultimately retention of employees.

With many HR departments taking an increasingly strategic role in business operations, the need for a successful employee relations program has never been greater. But how can HR professionals adapt their working processes to ensure that employee and managerial relationships are supported? The answer lies in identifying trends and using data-driven insights. By examining employee relations cases, HR teams can harness data in a way which highlights areas of interest and most importantly safeguards the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of employees. Interrogating data in this way not only puts the HR department in a position of being proactive rather than reactive but also helps to create a strong overall employee experience – as any issues can easily be identified before they come to a head.

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