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Mumbai: Cyber crime on rise, detection rate fails to keep actual pace

The data shared by the Maharashtra Cyber Cell reveals that the number of cyber crime cases registered across the state have seen a two-fold increase in the last five years. While 1,879 cases were reported in 2014, over 3,233 cases were registered last year. According to the figures, the numbers do fluctuate annually but the number of cases are only increasing with an extremely low rate of detection and due to this, cases only keep piling up. In terms of detection, out of a total of 3,233 cyber crime cases in 2018, the police have been able to crack only 994 of them. In 2017, the disparity was even more concerning as out of 4,035 registered cases, only 1,041 were detected and only 1,367 of the accused were arrested.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police, cyber cell, Vishal Thakur said, “We are facing a backlog of cases. In case of cyber crimes, tracking down the accused is the main challenge as he plays his game through a virtual world. The cyber cell of each police station is one of our many attempts to tackle the issue and we can say that our workforce is well-equipped and works through a proper and well-designed infrastructure.”

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