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Lloyd’s Register: Preparing for the maritime cyber security challenge in Greece

Imagine you are an Information Security Manager for a shipping company and while docked in port, a service technician boards your ship to perform a software update of the Voyage Data Recorder system and unknowingly introduces a virus. As a result of the virus the ship’s ECDIS system becomes infected resulting in a denial of service once you’ve set sail. The ship is now sailing without ECDIS and the last course direction was towards North Korean waters. What do you do next?

That exact scenario was played out with 60 delegates from the Greek shipping community and 5 UK companies at the British Ambassador’s Residence on 5 March. Roundtable discussions took place on possible outcomes and solutions which highlighted the complexity of the cyber security sector. Running through scenarios like this give the security officers opportunity to verify their own ideas and plans in the same way that the armed forces run their own wargames.

Five UK organisations with specialist cyber security interest hosted the Greek delegates and promoted discussions on the tables. LR, CyberOwl, ESID Consulting, Inmarsatand the University of Plymouth all took part in the wargame. The wargame scenario was created and overseen by Professor Siraj Shaikh of Coventry University, who authored the “Future of the Sea: Cyber Security” for the UK Government Office of Science.

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