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Cops to conduct awareness drive to prevent cybercrime in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: After 9,000 cases, the city’s only cyber crime police station (CCPS) has finally decided to conduct an awareness drive. The three-month long pending work is now likely to take place by the end of the month at several public places such as malls and theatres. Flash mobs, placards, pamphlets and a two-minute video will be used in both Kannada and English.

“Due to increase in the number of cybercrime cases, there is a need to bring some awareness to the people, especially women who are victims of social media abuse. We are yet to decide specific areas where the drives will be conducted. We have also just finished shooting a video, the contents of which will be revealed to the public on the day,” said M Chandrappa, the CCPS police inspector.

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