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Britons struggling with India based cyber scamsters

The London Police says the cybercrime poses as a challenge for the authorities because the international nature makes it difficult to trace payments and suspects.

Scamming call centers in India are preying on Britons, threatening them for non-existent tax debts or taking advantage of their faulty computers. Recently, an Ahmedabad-based company came to the limelight through a footage which showed individuals posing as tax officials calling thousands of people in Britain via numbers in the BT phone directory and terrorizing them to pay up.

According to the latest statistics by the city of London police, victims, between April and September of 2018, lost £34.6 million. This is an increase of 24 percent from the previous six month period. The London Police have over 13,000 cybercrimes lodge. And many have been linked to India. In November 2018, 16 call centers were raided by the police in India. The raids were prompted by Microsoft filing complaints with the local police in New Delhi about call centers involved in fraudulent operations.

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