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Self Study

AI Reference Point - Web Platform is the only web-based platform for law students and legal professionals to manage your legal studies conveniently.

College Students is the perfect online study tool for law students

We provide an online space to help law students with their legal studies, including 100+ hours of free live lectures with expert professors, exclusive law school admission guides, and other essential tools designed specifically to help you on your way to becoming a lawyer.

Choose the right law school program for you

Selecting the right law school program is a job that requires careful consideration, which is why we provide detailed information on marketing schools and making the right decision based on your needs.


We also provide exclusive scholarships and tuition-discounts that'll help you save money on your education while getting the degree you want!

Accessibility: it all starts with a click

All our products are accessible from anywhere through our mobile apps or by using our website's mobile responsive design - which means there's no need for time consuming downloads or any other annoying hurdles.

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